The Journey helped me immensely. They gave me the tools I needed to start my recovery, while also providing support and compassion.

In late 2013, I moved to Dothan, AL.  Approximately six months later, I found myself falling back into the grip of drinking once again.  I knew immediately that I was going to need some help and began making phone calls.  It seemed that no cared or would offer any type of help to me.  Then by grace and mercy, my phone rang.  It was the staff from The Journey Detox.  After our conversation, they came to me and brought me back to the unit where I could get help when no one else would.

My personal experiance with The Journy Detox was one of the greatest in my life.  The staff were always very helpful and encouraged long-term treatment, which I took the suggestion and recieved it and am still sober today.  Living a prosperous and happy life.

Sincerely yours

Patrick M.

My experiance with The Journey has been very enlightining, and I have learned a lot about myself.  I know now I have people I can fall back on.  Maybe this will be my last journey.  If not, I know who I can turn To.

Sue H.

I have just left a place called The Journey Detox and Recovery in Ashland.  I have been struggling with all kinds of diffrent addictions my whole life.  I have been to numerous rehabs, but I have never been in my 38 years of life been to a place like The Journey.

I nearly died in an accident involving me and a small vehicle where I had to be extracted out of my car with the jaws of life.  I nearly lost an arm and broke my neck and hip.  After God saved my lifeliterally, I died in the ambulance.  I became addicted to perscription pills, and felt as if I could’nt getout of bed.  I felt like I had the flu.  After two years of complete fear and misery, I heard about this detox center from my loving brother, that also deals with addictions.  In May 2019, we lost our older brother to an overdose.  His heart stopped.

I feel so alive, so great when I arrived at The Journey.  They told me everything was going to be alright.  They actually understood me.  They had the same addictions before as well.  They gave me tranquility.  The kind nursing staff checked my other health problems.  I just want to say thanks to this wonderful, caring, understanding group of people called The Journey.  Who have actually been down this horrible and miserable road.

Thank you sincerely,


My experience at The Journey has been far diffrent than any other detox and in a great way!  I am a chronic detoxer.  I have been to more than I remember all over Alabama and two other states.  I would usually leave AMA or get high the second I got out.  I stayed irritated with employees because it was just a bunch of textbook groups led by people who had no clue how I felt.  They had never been in my shoes!  What did they know?  I wasn’t going to listen to them.

Today, I am so grateful I found The Journey.  I’m actually willing to listen because the counselors have been where I am.  I enjoy groups because someone has my same disease is sober and happy and willing to share how it worked for them.  I can respect that so much more because it worked for them.  The entire staff is willing to stop and listen if that’s what you need.  There is a true feeling that everyone at The Journey cares including nurses on down.  They want to make sure we don’t live another day like we are.  They take the time to teach us to cope with this horrible disease.  I have learned and listened more here than any other detox I’ve been to!

Deborah Terry

The level of care at The Journey while I was there was very good. The staff were accommodating to all my needs. They provided the most comfortable environment they could during a very difficult time for me.
Joe C.

My stay with The Journey was nothing like I expected. At first, I was nervous because I didn’t know what I was walking into. Once I got there, I realized how structured it was. The staff were great. They were always both professional and respectful to me. I also felt very connected with my counselors. They truly understood what I was having to go through.

I was scared going into detox. It was my first time in treatment, and I didn’t know what to expect. The staff at The Journey made me feel comfortable from the initial phone call. They listened and were compassionate. They answered all my questions and made me feel safe. The counselors, nurses, and doctors were there for me at a critical time in my life. I am forever grateful.

The Journey is a wonderful program. It helped save my life. Everything in my life was falling apart from my struggle with addiction. I learned so much about addiction and recovery. The counselors and group sessions were great. I felt welcomed and accepted. They helped place me in a follow-up recovery home, and I now have two years clean.

I want to take a minute to thank you for all you did for me when I came through the program in May. I was really in a desperate situation and hate to think where I might have ended up if you all had not been there. You really are doing a good thing. You are helping. Believe me.

I was 40 years old when I made the same walk as you are, high and looking for help. I was so broken it made me mad to leave the only thing I knew; drugs. I lashed out and left as fast as I walked in. A few months later I was even more broken and lost. I was ready. I called them back and asked for help. They accepted me back, and I let them help me. I felt like I was walking the walk of shame. The Journey staff told me not to feel shame, but to hold my head high because I was asking for help and taking the necessary steps to get the help I so desperately needed and wanted. I promise you, if you just let The Journey help you with the start of your journey into recovery, your life will forever be changed. You must be ready and want it for yourself and be willing to do the footwork. The first step is hard, but you can do it if you are wanting it more than anything else. Please know that nothing happens overnight. I learned about my addiction from the group sessions we had while I was in The Journey. I also learned that I was not a bad person. I just made bad choices, and they were giving me another chance at life. The staff at The Journey worked with me and got me into a 28-day program when I finished my detox. After my 28 days, I moved into a sober living program. I am still learning.

I promise you this much, the staff at The Journey were once where you are now, and they have hope for you. They are my new-found family. I love them dearly.


When I reached my bottom, The Journey Detox was there to help. I got their card from a nurse in the ER in Tuscaloosa when I went there strung out on drugs. I left the ER and kept the card. I eventually called The Journey for help. After calling them many times to go and backing out of going, I finally made it in to them. It is one of the best decisions I’ve ever made. My life has changed so much since that day. The staff at The Journey renewed my hope that my life could be different. They encouraged me to seek further help and guided me in the right direction. I listened to them because they had been where I was and got better themselves. I have been sober now for nine months. I want others like me to know we do recover. There is a way out. Thanks Journey Detox.

I have struggled with my addiction and alcoholism for years. I have searched high and low. Never could find my way out until I came to The Journey.

The Journey Detox has been such a blessing in my life. Here at The Journey, they give you an opportunity to get away from the surroundings that helped keep you in a state of use. Also, while giving you the time and medicine required to detox properly medically. If you are considering a detox program and looking for a place with counselors that can help you begin a life of sobriety, The Journey Detox is the place for you.

The Journey experience for me has been very bearable considering the condition I was in when I entered the doors. The staff were courteous and responsive to what I needed. I personally would recommend them to anyone wanting help with addiction and recovery. The unit is clean, and the food is great!

Recovery Is Not a Destination, It's a Journey

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